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Customer Reviews
H*** C

I want to say thank you very much for coming without damage. The shipping cost was expensive, but I'm glad the product arrived quickly and safely

18 November 2023
J*** *******

A pretty awesome Piece!!

15 November 2023
J*** *******

Loved It, everything about it Is just amazing!!

15 November 2023
D*** ******t

Pretty amazing piece from any angle. I couldn’t believe how many parts it had! All were well made and painted nicely. I chose not to use the huge shield/sword that came with the kit. Definitely happy with this purchase!

28 October 2023
A****** *****a

This was my first statue and it was pretty awesome, the light effect gives a really impressive look on the statue.

23 October 2023
M***** *******k

Stunning Quality, a good price for the size and accessories. The shipping was quick and no issue with customs. Would recommend for fans of Chainsaw Man

16 October 2023
J*** *******

Really nice figure! I'm amazed with ir!!

13 October 2023
R*** *****n

This just arrived and have to say; absolutely quality item! Just wasn't fully sure how long it was going to take to arrive to Ireland which was worrying me a bit, but now that it arrived and have the estimate of arrivals. If you're planning on buying a quality statue; I would highly recommend this site!

4 October 2023
M****** *****a

Beautiful statue. Really can't stop looking at it, it's so beautiful. Looks exactly like the image and the purple dress is really finely detailed. It even came with a bonus outfit! I'm in love.

3 October 2023
R***** ********y

It took time until I received it, but it was really good as I received all four statues at once. I placed many orders through many websites but tbh, my experience Mirai Collectiblies is the best, either with price, delivary and services. Thank you...

20 September 2023
R***** ********y

It took time until I received it, but it was really good as I received all four statues at once. I placed many orders through many websites but tbh, my experience Mirai Collectiblies is the best, either with price, delivary and services. Thank you...

20 September 2023
C*** **r

Extremely detailed. It turn out to look so much better than I thought it would be. I would have give it a 5 star but there would two piece that were left out because the holes to insert the pieces in were never made for it in the statue but it wasn't such a big deal because the statue still looks good without those two piece being left out.

18 September 2023
J***** ***Y

Parfait par contre le studio m'a fourni une vitre qui n'est pas de la bonne dimension donc j'ai du mettre la main à la patte car niveau SAV chez Up Art ce n'est pas top du tout car pas de vitre de rechange

15 September 2023
T**** ******n

Really great and easy service, never had any hassle. The figure is beautifully made, came well packaged and protected.

10 September 2023
H***** ****e

Fantastic figure, it was pricey but it was so worth it! I've bought from other sites and the items have all come damaged, but the packaging here was phenomenal! Everything was tightly secured!

2 September 2023

Thanks to Mirai for making my first statue-purchasing experience a good one. Their kind, patient, and helpful customer service helped me understand how the process worked and made it easier to make the purchase, and the item arrived much faster than I expected, was very carefully packaged, and was just as shown in the photos. Overall, I highly recommend purchasing from Mirai.

24 August 2023
M****** *****o

The action figure was delivered promptly within the established timeframe. The packaging exuded a remarkable level of quality, leaving a lasting impression. Upon unboxing, the figure presented itself exactly as depicted in the promotional images, an aesthetic delight that seamlessly fits into my collection within the confines of my library. As a first-time purchaser of action figures of this nature, I harbored a degree of skepticism. Nevertheless, I am delighted to admit that my initial reservations were unfounded. The product has truly won me over with its exceptional appeal, and I find myself thoroughly enamored with it.

31 July 2023
E**** **** ****** ******a

I almost had a heart attack when i saw the box, it was REALLY damaged almost crushed and i was expecting the worst, but when i oppened it the figure was intact just the wings and a small flower nedded some glue and she ended perfect, i think that the box itself needed some fragile stickers or if this is the standard of ems shipping. Now the figure wich is the 1/4 version: its beautiful just as adverticed, its way better than the official 1/4 bunny, the base its detailed, the swimsuit its easy to attach and the best part of this figure is easily the face, the eyes are expresive and the face itself is gorgeous, in general the colors are vibrant and the skin has little details, i highly recomend it if you can afford it or find her.

25 July 2023
M***** ****z

Not sure what to think about this one. Her front sash that is supposed to cover her crotch doesn't even have a proper keyhole. they included some sticky puddy so I think you're supposed to just stick it on. The rest of the statue looks great but that one part bothers me. She also doesn't have any panties to cover up her crotch so it would've been nice for those to be included. The statue still looks nice enough when on full display.

23 July 2023
M***** ****z

A little difficult to assemble this one and very tall due to its large base but it turned out amazing. The foot doesn't slide all the way into its position but its good enough without any wobble and barely noticeable. Very glad I picked this one up.

23 July 2023