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What is Preorder?


Pre-order is NOT a ready to ship stock.

Most of the studios will produce a prototype, and start collect orders (pre-order) , then proceed to production. 


   Prototype - Collect Orders (Limited Quantity) - Production - Release - Arrange for Shipment     



Q: What is the production time? 
Studio will provide an estimated release date during preorder time, mostly around 3-6 months. Some of the studios will take longer depends on the difficulties on the product.
Estimated release date may also further delay depends on the production or unforeseen circumstances, so make sure you may able to wait for the release before purchase. 

You may check the estimated release date for your order under Product Description.


Q: Can I still order after the Pre-order ends time? 
Yes, sometimes studio may often close later than initial preorder time due to certain condition. 



Q: I just preorder few months ago and not having any update on the progress, what should I do? 

You may contact us if you wish to get update on your product or we will notify you when the item has reached our shipping warehouse and ready for shipment. 



Q: The estimated release date of my order is in Q3 (July - September) but now has already in October, what is going on?

Some studio may finish the production on time but some may not since it is from different factory. It is very common to release later than the estimated date since studio might need to overcome the unforeseen circumstances to make sure the statue can be perfectly produced. 

You may always contact us for your order update. 



Q: Can I cancel my preorder? 

Yes, but there will be a deposit penalty. You may refer this link for more information Cancellation and Refund Policy

For example: if you wish to cancel your preorder due to personal reason, deposit penalty is 700myr. 



Q: Why I get charged for deposit penalty for cancellation?

Studio will collect deposit and submit to factory to proceed to production and the factory would not refund any deposit for any cancellation order. That is why is very important for you to think twice before you preorder. Make sure you really love the statue and willing to wait for it. 



Q: Does Mirai has any ready stock? 
We will have some ready stock item from time to time that is ready for shipment. You may check out this link for more ready stock info China Warehouse Ready Stock