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Review and get Rewards!



Good News! You can now rate your completed order (received in hand) and we will be giving you 10myr (Ringgit Malaysia) store credit and rewards points (same amount of your order) as a gesture of gratitude! 


Doesn't matter if is a long completed order or a new one, you can now rate all of your orders and get your rewards within 1-3 working days! 


Not sure how to do it? It's simple! Let's follow the picture instructions below and rate it now! 




Step 1: Click on "My Orders"




Step 2: Select "Completed" Orders and choose "View" on the order that you want to rate




Step 3: Click on "Rate"




Final Step : Give us your feedback and click "Submit". And Boom! Your rewards will be credit to your account within 1-3 working days! 





Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment Plan invoice and Shipping invoice will not be entitled to the rewards. 
  2. Only valid completed orders that verified will be rewarded within 1-3 working days. 
  3. Rating on invalid orders will be ignored and you may contact us if you are not sure which order you can rate on. 
  4. There is no limit on rating rewards. You may rate all the completed orders you have in your account.
  5. Mirai Collectibles reserves the right to amend or cancel the rewards event anytime without prior notice.